Darling, you'll be okay
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Your gonna be proud of me. In a month and 3 days i'll be a year clean from self harm!!!!


- Hannah

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I'm doing a giveaway on my blog with a couple band shirts, if you wanna check it out :) thanks


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Hi. I'm going to warped tour on this Saturday and I don't know what to do. I went to house party tour back in October and it didn't bother me at all. I'm just getting real bad anxiety over it. I just need advice in case I meet a band member. Sorry for rambling to you and shit.

Haha, don’t worry :)
You’re super lucky!
Keep calm, stay hydrated and have fun
If you meet a band member, ask for a picture/autograph then smile and try to do casual conversation if you can
Ask about stuff like how they like the tour so far, or compliment their set if you saw it
Just don’t freak out and ask about too personal stuff
(And remember crying is okay, no need to be embarrassed if you do)
Good luck, sweetie! :D


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so what everyone is telling you about Hannah is completely untrue and is very hurtful to her and her family. Her cousin is on instagram ( ashley_morin_ ) and is trying to defend her. I would appreciate it if you could signal boost this :)
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the hannah thing is fake she did it for attention she has done this several times before she actually did it to gain followers on instagram and twitter in reality we probably should have seen this coming

Don’t know her don’t know her story.
But if that’s the case it’s pretty low…


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that hannah batty thing is so fucking fake.

I have no clue dude, just got told she was lost but now found
Why do you think so though?


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I haven't talked to my dad in 9 years.. I went to a therapist a few times but nothing changed. We had to do a family therapy session and when we got home my mom freaked out on me and made me swear not to talk about stuff like that to anyone. Friday night I selfharmed after 2 months. Then again last night. I don't want to call anyone about this cause' I don't want anything to happen to my siblings. I love my mom very much. Regardless of anything. I just don't want to keep going through this

You’re very strong, you know that?
I think you need someone to talk to, not necessarily someone who’ll put your family in a bad place, but a friend or a school councillor
Try to focus on the positivity in life and work with what you have
It’s not easy, it never is, but the outcome is totally worth it
Just take deep breaths and every time you’re feeling down, go do something to get it out ; draw, play an instrument, write, sing, dance, do math calculations, whatever just don’t sit around listening to your demons


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earlier today Warped Tour guys announced on Twitter that they found her. I don't know if people didn't see it or if it was a hoax tweet because it doesn't seem like people know...

It takes some time before people get the message and stuff, but yeah they say she’s safe so I’m hoping it’s true :)


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- only one eho can ever calm me down. sonits driving me mad not being able to. i haven't even had a full conversation with her for thr past 3 days..going on 4. what should i do?

Just wait it out, try talking a little to her every day and wait for her to loosen up and get back on track
You said she has been feeling down lately, so just show her that you’re there and that you care
She’ll come back around soon sweetie :)


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hi! (this is the long distance anon) thanks for your help! the only thing is that we're sorta youngish still?? (14) and like my parents don't know, do you have any advice on how i could tell them without having them freak out? thanks again and sorry if this is a lot!!

Just start of by talking about tumblr and the tumblr community and get them used to the thought of it, then slowly mention the friends you’ve made there and then when they’re used to it, go “I’m kinda dating one of them” and see how they react
They need to get used to it before they’ll accept you two meeting up :)