Darling, you'll be okay
A message from Anonymous
Getting drunk with Andy biersack please?

I would love to get drunk with Andy Biersack..

A message from imarisingstar
Hey lovely! :D i love your edits and was just curious if i could possibly get an edit :3 a Christofer Drew one? :) maybe how he asks me out at a concert or something? :3 thanks Hannah <3

you got one coming your way! Except I’m not Hannah, i’ll still take the thanks though ;D haha

A message from bekaaxo
I've no idea how this works but I've seen other people doing it this way.. I think.. Could you do a Gerard Way imagine where he's just being the cutie patootie that he is? Pweaseee, I'll give you virtual hugs and cookies :D xx

You got it dude!! I am now expecting my virtual hugs and cookies hahah xx

A message from Anonymous
Can you do a cute one with Jason (Veeoneeye) or Dan (danisnotonfire). Or one where either of them accidently sees your cuts? (I'm struggling with depression and self-harming and I think that would cheer me a bit up and sorry for my english)

i can do one with Dan c: I tried to find a gif for Jason but, I couldn’t find one that fit??  I hope it cheers you up, and if you ever need someone to talk to we’re always here on this blog or our personals! xoxo

A message from Anonymous
Can i have a Billie Joe one, please? :) Btw love your blog! :D

Why of course you can!!